Watch out for the maintenance!

05/10/2015 10:10

Hello Battle Space fans!

Today we are giving you some useful information, moreover if you have just started the game and you don’t know how to manage your resources.

On the upper part of the screen, where the production of your properties is displayed, there is a section named “Maintenance”. Do you know what it means?

Maintenance, or rather, maintenance cost, is the amount of resources you need to maintain your buildings and airships.
You must assign the airships you build to your commanders, so that they can carry out their missions. 
But having some spaceships in your hangar is always useful in case of emergency… One never knows!

However, these airships in your hangar can pose a big cost! At the beginning of the adventure, your mines can’t create a big amount of resources and your empire is not pretty big either, so the production will be quite small.

You have to ensure that the maintenance cost per hour is not bigger than your production. If this happens, it will be difficult for you to construct buildings or to make researches and progress in the game. 

If maintenance’s cost is very high, you should destroy some of your spaceships in the hangar. This will decrease maintenance cost and you will be able to continue conquering the universe.

Good luck, Admirals!



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