War Chronicle

14/08/2015 15:35

Good morning to all of you, adventurers:

As you probably already know, the war between Unions in our Galaxy will not cease. The two biggest Unions, Tartarus and Nitro, attack and counterattack with the hopes of conquering a giant planet and the adversarie's territories.

The entire area is located in the east of the map, between the β and ϒ areas and is invaded by admirals and commanders of these unions. If you have territories there, be careful with the missiles and ships which fly by at top speeds to bring reinforcements. And if you see an attack coming, ready your defenses, the battle will be tough.

If you're new to the game and you prefer to plan your strategy before attacking, settle down in an area further to the north or west of the map. Take your time to organize your fleet and attack at the right time.

If you're more impulsive and like the action, you know where to go.

Tell us what your strategy is in the forum, it can be of great help to all of us!

The Battle Space Team 



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