Vaminos Attack

29/07/2015 16:27


Our radars have detected Vaminos fleet approaching.They are currently 33.1 lightyears away from our Galaxy. Invasion starts on Wednesday 11:59 PM GMT+1. Invasion duration: Approximately 168 hours.

What to do during a Vaminos attack?

You can detect a Vaminos fleet at any time when you engage in raids and skirmishes with Resource Planets, Pirates, Asteroids, and other Admirals' planets. During a clash, you and your union can fight the enemy fleet by clicking the WARNING button or on the left side, the UNION tab and BATTLE VAMINOS tab. After a detection, you have a limited number of sortie to defeat the enemy fleet. You will recover a sortie point every two hours.You can also recover all your sortie points by using credits or honor medals.

Possible Rewards:

Ship Parts
Champion Coin
Honor medals
An Event Commander
Battle Medals

*** Caution ***

When you defeat a Vaminos fleet, you have to take your rewards before a detection of a new one! Otherwise you will lose all of them.



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