Szilard, the android commander

17/09/2015 12:10

Hi space adventurers!

Today we want to helo you find out a bit more about Battle Space's story.

There's many of you playing, sending fleets and recruiting commanders as soon as you can. And it's normal! It's what you have to do, but do you know who these commanders really are? How they got there, where they come from, what race they are...?

There are a lot of questions to answer, so for you to understand your characters' stories a bit better, today we are going to introduce you to one of them:

Szilard: Szilard is an android and comes from far away. His ethnicity has suffered many wars and battles. Androids have fought for their independence, but it didn't happen overnight. There were many who opposed to it due to ethical and economic reasons. There were many riots and Szilard has seen them all.

If you have Szilard in your army, don't take him for granted, he can be very useful!

Best regards,
The Battle Space Team



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