Skill Points

30/09/2015 10:39

Hi, space adventurers!
This week we want to remind you to use your skill points. You can get these points by constructing buildings and sending your commanders to accomplish missions. You must use these points according to a strategy.
You can distribute these points following three types of strategies: economic strategy, military strategy and district strategy.

Economic strategy allows you to invest in resources and planetary development. Thus, you can decrease the construction time and increase the obtaining of resources, such as gas, metal, energy, etc.

Military strategy allows you to invest in spaceship efficiency. You can improve your spaceships by increasing their defenses, weapons and speed.

District strategy allows you to invest in commanders’ progress and migration. For example, you could increase the experience won by your commanders thanks to the artemachia, or decrease the cost of fleets’ maintenance.

Now you know everything! Don’t forget to use these points, you can find them in Admiral menu, in Player Skills tab. Go on, adventurers!
Kind regards,
Battle Space Team



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