News from the space: How NASA wants to send humans to Mars

20/10/2015 15:33

Hello space adventurers,

Today we want to tell you about the plans of the NASA for the next years, since you are experts in space journeys…

NASA has been studying how to get humans to Mars for decades. Last week, the space agency revealed its plans for 2030.

In a report named “Journey to Mars : pioneering Next Steps in Space Exploration”, the agency exposes a 3 steps plan to develop the technology and the logistic required to reach the red planet and to establish a permanent colony.

Although there is not a fixed date for such an expedition, scientists expect to live in Mars during the next decades.

One of the biggest problems to solve is related to the resistance of the human body to live in the space. Nowadays, astronauts can only spend a limited time at space stations, since a long exposure to spatial conditions can involve serious health problems.

There is still so much work to do so that people can safely travel to Mars, but NASA assures that it will be worth the wait: "With humans on Mars, we will be able to advance science and technology in ways only dreamed of with current robotic explorers." 

What do you think about this? Would you be able to live in another planet?

See you soon with more news!
Battle Space Team



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