News from space: Launch of the Ariane 5

20/08/2015 11:32

Hi, adventurers:

Today, the newest model of the Ariane 5 shuttle will be launced into space from the Kourou Space Center, in French Guyana.

The shuttle will take two telecommunication satellites aboard: EUTELSAT 8 West B and Intelsat 34.

Ariane shuttles are of European origin, made by a group of countries from the European Space Station, like France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. The first launch of an Ariane shuttle took place on the 24th of December, 1979.

The launch is set to take place today between 22:10 and 23:56 CEST and will be streamed live through several websites. Don't miss it!

And like always, if you manage to see it, tell us what you thought in the forum!

See you in space,
The Battle Space Team



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