News from space: Choose the name of the exoplanets!

28/08/2015 12:23

Good morning everyone,

Today we bring you a very interesting piece of news in which you can participate.

The Internation Astronomical Union has decided to open a voting process to the public in order to name 30 exoplanets.

Every one of you can choose a name for these worlds by going to the website "NameExoWorlds". However, you will have to choose from name already validated by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), so we're sorry adventurer, none of the planets will have your name.

You will find several names for each planet. Each one has an explanation of its origin and meaning. Among them, Roman and Greek deities, science fiction character, and much more.

You can vote, once per planet, from your PC or mobile phone without having to register. No changes will be allowed and you have until the 31st of October at 23:59 UTC to vote.

Tell us in the forum for which planet you voted and which name you chose! And we hope yours gets the maximum number of votes!

The Battle Space Team



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