How to improve your attack

18/08/2015 12:18

Hi Battle Space fans,

Today we bring you a video which will help you understand the course of an interstellar battle.

Every time you send a commander on a mission, you will receive a report upon his return to find out the result of the battle. To see it, you have to go to the "Registration" section of the menu, you will see a window where you can see what happened during the clash. Don't forget to click the button "Next Curve" to see the entire battle!

In addition to this, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the ships your enemy has. If you've lost the battle, it's the best way to learn from your mistakes.

Don't forget that L ships beat Ms, Ms beat Ss and Ss beat Ls.

                                                                                 SEE VIDEO

We wish great battles to everyone,
The Battle Space Team



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