Battle Space Rankings

22/09/2015 11:39

Hi adventurers!

How's your conquest of space going? Have you been able to conquer lots of territories, forge alliances, join or form a union?

As you've probably seen, every month we announce the top 3 unions, but we want you to know that there are more rankings in Battle Space!

Thanks to the button "Rankings" on the left menu, you can access all of them. There are 4 different types: general, beginners, weekly and monthly. Each one is divided into other sections, following some criteria, for example: PvP, Defense, Kingdom, Medal, National...

All this is to let you know that if you Union isn't in the ranking which we announce, we're sure your name will be on a top spot on one of the other rankings!
Maybe you're not the best at PvP battles, but you might be the one with the most medals!

Check it out and tell us what you're best at!

We wish you great battles in our universe!



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