Union Interception 20/11/2015

19/11/2015 12:50


An Union Interception will be launch on our server on Friday, 20th October.
Interception starts at 10:59 PM (GMT), 5:59 PM (EST) and will last about 48 hours.

Vaminos fleets have been detected and you have to intercept them and destroy them.

You can participate to this event just by clicking on the "Warning" which has appeared on the top of your screen (or directly in the Union menu / Interception). Union Interception is a Union based event.

You must reach the required score to have a reward at the end of the event. Be careful: When you send a fleet to fight in Union Interception, it will be destroyed. Your commander will fight to the death, one fleet after another, until his own fleet is destroyed to kill the maximum number of enemies.

At the end of this event, you can win Special Resource Bonus, Ship parts and maybe even a Rare Commander!
There are 2 types of rewards: Union and individual. If your Union reaches the required amount of points (or even more), each member will have a reward. Then, the Union members who have destroyed the largest number of enemy ships will have special Individual rewards.

If you have any question regarding this event, feel free to ask here or ingame and send us a message.

Good luck in your battles!

The Battle Space Team



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