News from Space: The Universe's most powerful explosion!

23/11/2015 10:17

Every day, the universe keeps surprising us. According to astronomers, the galaxy group known as MS 0735,6 + 7421, with an equivalent mass of 100 Million Suns, would have consumed an amount of energy equivalent to 600 times the Sun's size to provoke an explosion of such magnitude.

Along with the optical images and data obtained from the Hubble and Chandra Telescopes, experts claim that the MS 0735,6 + 7421 is product of the biggest black holes known to history.

Experts found the explosion 2.6 Billion lightyears away from Earth. However, when it comes to a galaxy's origin, it's still not possible to determine what came first: the black hole or the galaxy surrounding it.

Funny, huh? Is your fleet ready to cause the biggest explosions in the universe and conquer millions of planets? Can you reach the end of the universe? Ready your fleet and rule entire universe!



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