News from Space — How many galaxies and planets are there in space?

12/11/2015 14:01

We're sure you've asked yourself this same question...

Scientists generally assume there are around 300 and 500 billion galaxies in space. This estimate only takes into account big galaxies such as our Milky Way. If we add the dwarf galaxies, this amount increases exponentially up to 6-8 trillions.
In any way, we know those numbers are neither exact nor sure... no one knows the answer to this mystery everyone wants to solve. 

When it comes to planets, there are even more things unknown, and there's still so much to discover, so much that scientist cannot even make any estimates. Only in our Milky Way, there are more than 17 billion planets as big or even bigger than Earth.

In Battle Space, it's very similar. You have an infinite amount of galaxies and planets to discover and conquer. Prepare your fleet and become the most powerful in space!

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The Battle Space Team



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