News from Space – Science or Science Fiction?

04/11/2015 11:15

Hello everyone, 
We already know you're space fans, so our question today is: and how about cinema?
We're sure that even if you haven't watched it yet, you have at least heard of "The Martian", Ridley Scott's last movie that is being a box-office hit.
As watchers, we're quite used to watch movies set in space, but with a not very realistic plot—for example, Star Wars or Armageddon come to mind very quickly.
However, lately Hollywood is trying to offer us productions with a feasible stage, and The Martian is one of them. Scientists that have watched the movie, affirm that every single technology we see in it is doable nowadays.
So, if you want to enjoy a good movie and on top of it, learn more things about space, go watch The Martian! 
Have a good time and tell us your opinion on the movie!
The Battle Space Team



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